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MVMNT Real Estate Group (pronounced ‘move·ment/ˈmo͞ovmənt/’) is a savvy real estate team lead by two seasoned Realtors with Keller Williams Referred Urban Realty, Paul Greenberg and Scott Parkhill.


They met at an open house several years back and kept in touch as they saw something in one another that wasn’t like the average agent in Toronto. They come from different backgrounds but have the same values, drive and work ethic. The beauty of their partnership is that they know they can learn from each other and most of all count on one another in any given situation.


Paul and Scott have worked on a pure referral and repeat business model, which has resulted in supporting and working with a demographic they know a lot about – Millennials. It has never been more difficult for Millennials to not only get their foot in the door (pun intended) with the ever changing market and lending guidelines. To successfully move up the property ladder by selling your first home for top dollar and upgrade to their next home for the best price and terms is another challenge that they welcome with open arms. Their focus is simple: help fellow Millennials successfully navigate the murky waters of the Toronto Real Estate Market in a way that is seamless, transparent and efficient.




It all started back in 2010 when he decided there were bigger things out there for him and he needed a change. At the time Paul was in a band touring around North America, but wanted something more stable and a career that would challenge him. He always knew that he was great at connecting with people and selling stuff and he always had an entrepreneurial spirit inside. After some exploration and reflection he decided to get his license and in his first 6 weeks he already had 3 clients and sold all 3 of them. Paul won the rookie of the year award for the brokerage and never looked back.


He loves that no two days are the same in this industry. He schedules his days the way that suits his lifestyle, starting off with a workout, hanging with his dog, catching up on news in real estate and the world, and of course a scroll through MLS. My favourite part about the job is meeting new people and helping them find the property to make their home or helping them sell. Negotiating the best deal so his clients walk away happy and satisfied makes this job so rewarding and keeps clients coming back time and time again.


Scott has always been genuinely interested in people and has a passion for building strong meaningful relationships. As a result, Scott has been fortunate enough to have built a 7+ year real estate business based solely on referrals and repeat clients. Scott’s focus is always on the needs of his clients first. His background in finance assists with analyzing scenarios and finding his clients the absolute best option whether it’s their primary residence, a family cottage or adding another investment property to their portfolio. 


Scott is very set on living an active & healthy lifestyle. When he’s not with clients or at the office you can find him playing basketball, hiking, hanging out at one of the many amazing parks, Toronto Island beach or at various live shows throughout the city (pre-covid). Scott dabbles in the guitar and is constantly adding to his many playlists on Spotify so if you need a playlist or a song, he’s got you covered there too!




At MVMNT, we take the time to thoroughly understand each and every client’s needs, wants and goals both short-term and long-term to ensure they are making the right choice every time. We NEVER pressure someone into buying something we don’t 100% believe is the right decision for them. We don’t care if it takes you two weeks or 20 years to purchase a property (seriously). It honestly makes NO difference to us whatsoever.


We love guiding buyers of all levels through the process and educating them up front on the potential situations that may arise. This enables us to recommend appropriate strategies to make timely decisions together in a fast-moving Toronto market. This ability has won countless battles for our clients and that’s what it’s all about! 


When you work with us, you won’t get those lifeless automatic property match emails that you have to manually sift through yourself. We take the time to search MLS for you several times daily and only send the properties that we believe you’ll love. This saves you time and hopefully gets you excited when you do see an email from us. This is supposed to be fun (but also efficient)!


At MVMNT we believe that we aren’t selling a physical property, we’re providing an experience and we operate with that in mind. We believe the first step to selling your home starts with getting to know you, your overall plan and of course, your property. 


Our carefully selected team then designs a plan to sell your home based on specific factors, the current market and each client’s unique goals. No two sellers or home is the exact same and we’ll never treat a listing or a client that way. We take the time to map out how to get the best results each and every time and we don’t stop until the job is done.


We implement adaptive systems that guide us all through the process together from start to finish and beyond so nothing gets missed, everyone is on the same page, and everyone is smiling. This is one of the many things that sets us apart from the rest.


We aren’t your typical ‘transactional’ agents where you sell something and never hear from us again. We love checking in and seeing how things are coming along. We love watching families grow and real estate empires flourish. It’s what gets us out of bed every morning.



11   /  06  /   2018

11   /  06  /   2018

“Used him twice and both times he gave us exactly what we needed, quickly, and was amazing about talking to the other agent to 'sell' them on us. Both times he got us a preferred rent and other add-ins. He was also very personable and patient (we have a small baby that makes things difficult and Scott was a real trooper with her). Can not recommend enough.”

- Tim Latimer

“Scott is the definition of how all real estate agents should run their business.  He was detailed and dedicated in finding my dream condo. Such a pleasure to work with, huge change from the typical stuck up agents. Great attitude,  fun to be around, would definitely recommend if your looking for any properties the GTA.”

- Mathew

11   /  06  /   2018

“Paul Greenberg was an absolute pleasure to work with and helped us purchase our first condo. After a walk-in meeting, Paul sent us a personalized list of excellent recommendations of available places within twenty minutes and each one was a great option. He listened to us and found us the perfect place within a week, and helped us out throughout the process.”

- John




A bully offer is a preemptive offer that is submitted before the scheduled offer date. Sellers may hate it but buyers tend to love it as they can be very successful. To win a bully offer, start with a crazy price they won’t be able to say no to and put pressure on response time. Our team is always ready to help with any of your #realestate needs. Have any questions, get in touch! 


From a seller's perspective, a bully offer has to be carefully analyzed and that's where seasoned professionals come in. We have been on both sides of bully offers many times and always guide our clients in the right direction based on their goals, current and projected market conditions, and much more. Get in touch anytime to chat more on this!




624 King Street West

Toronto, Ontario

M5V 1M7



Paul: 647 839 0946

Scott: 647 261 4127